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  • Cross-disciplinary
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  • Mathematics
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    • Geometry
    • Mathematical Models with Applications
    • Pre-Calculus
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  • Social Studies
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    • US History

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Understanding exponential and logarithmic functions is essential before learning Calculus. In this activity, students will consider these functions graphically and algebraically, and will consider their connection to investment.

Mathematics, Pre-Calculus

Prior Knowledge:
Students should know what exponential and logarithmic functions are, be able to graph them, be able to carry out algebraic manipulations with exponential and logarithmic functions, and be able to recognize and solve problems deal with exponential growth.

Key Concepts and Terms: Function, Inverse, Exponential, Logarithms, Exponential Growth

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The Ghetto: What’s In a Name?

This assignment assesses studentsʼ abilities to analyze the interplay between individual environments, the communities produced by these environments, and the opportunities afforded to their inhabitants. Students will examine a poem, song, and 2 articles and then discuss the benefits, drawbacks, causes, and consequences of life in these neighborhoods. They will also explore present day realities and compare them to the life presented in the reading samples. After individual reflection followed by a group analysis of the issues, students will write a 3-4 page response paper on their perceptions of ghetto life, including the factors that affect it and the consequences it produces.

Social Studies

Prior Knowledge:
Students should have had practice in persuasive writing techniques and participating in active classroom discussions. They should also be able to apply appropriate reading strategies to decipher a textʼs meaning and understand how these same strategies apply to different kinds of readings (songs, poems, and articles). Furthermore, they should understand the basic idea behind time as a factor of change, the effects of prejudice, and the influence of viewpoints.

Key Concepts and Terms: Bias, Ghetto, Community, Conflicting Viewpoints, Prejudice, Stereotyping, Environmental Benefits and Limitations, Ethnocentrism, Cause and Consequence, Multicultural Societies, Concepts of Race, Socioeconomic Stratification

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Music: A Sign of the Times

Victor Hugo once said, “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent”. The most memorable songs are the ones that capture an unspoken truth and make people see their world in a different light. Yet the truths needing this intense exposure are often a product of the times in which they are generated, making music a lens for observing a generationʼs triumphs and trials, almost as if through a time capsule. Therefore, this assignment asks students to examine two different songs, one a remake of the other, to uncover the “truths” captured by that songwriter about his era.

Subjects: Social Studies

Prior Knowledge: Read the Instructor Task Information and the Student Notes. Prepare student copies of the Student Notes pages. Review the material provided within the handouts and develop any additional discussion questions or activities as needed. Find and distribute any materials about the social events surrounding the release of the two songs, 1976 and 1995, if desired. Prepare to model basic comparative analysis essay construction and source evaluation as needed.

Key Concepts and Terms: Writer’s Purpose and Message, Imagery, Culture, Ethnicity, Viewpoint, Beliefs, and Bias, Political Conflict, Influence, Justice, Social Structure and Strata, Governmental Response, Socioeconomics, Racial Prejudice, Philosophical and Intellectual , Influence

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Reform in the Progressive Era (1890–1920)

By the end of the 19th Century, the US had become a leading industrial nation. However, many citizens claimed that our social and political growth had not kept pace. Many individuals began calling for social and political changes. These demands led to a variety of reforms that drastically altered the social, economic, and political fabric of American society.

Subjects: Social Studies, US History

Prior Knowledge: Students must be able to use the Internet or other sources to do research. Students must know how to evaluate sources of information for bias and accuracy. Students must be able to use a digital slideshow program, like PowerPoint, to demonstrate their knowledge.

Key Concepts and Terms: Conseration (Federal Lands), Initiative, Industrial Regulation, Muckrakers, Political Machines, Progressivism, Prohibition, Recall, Referendum, Reform, Settlement Houses, Suffrage, Temperance, Trust-busters, Unionism

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