Career & Technical Education

  • Career Technical Education
    Resources at-a-glance (KCK.CTE.1)
  • Advocacy 101-Making the Case for CTE
    The purpose of this on-demand webinar is to introduce you to the basics of advocacy so that you have the tools to support and promote your CTE programs – whether on Capitol Hill, with state policy makers, through the media, or in your local districts. (KCK.CTE.1)
  • Craft Professions
    How you can go pro in construction. (KCK.CTE.1)
  • Gaps in the Energy Workforce Pipeline
    2011 CEWD Survey Results (KCK.CTE.1)
  • Preparing the US Foundation for Future Electric Energy Systems
    US Power and Energy Workforce Collaborative (KCK.CTE.1)
  • Career Technical Education for Individuals with Disabilities
    This module provides information about the law, history, definition, types of programs available, reasons for attending, and resources for individuals with disabilities interested in applying to Career and Technical Education programs. (KCK.CTE.1)
  • Engineer Your Life: A Guide to Engineering for High School Girls
    Information for high school girls and the adults in their lives who want to learn more about what life and work are like for engineers. (KCK.CTE.1)
  • Registered Apprenticeship Community of Practice
    Online resource for stakeholders from throughout the Registered Apprenticeship system and its partners to share information and learn from your peers regarding the innovative strategies and partnerships being used to train U.S. workers. (KCK.CTE.1)
  • Career Ready Lesson Plans for Grades 6-12
    These lessons were designed to assist students who are interested in non-four-year college options after high school. (KCK.CTE.1)
  • Building Blocks for Change: What it Means to be Career Ready
    Bringing clarity and focus to what it means to be career ready. (KCK.CTE.1)
  • Bridging College and Careers
    Using dual enrollment to enhance career and technical education pathways. (KCK.CTE.1)
  • The Futures Channel
    Real-world application-based videos and activities through which professionals from the sciences, engineering, and technology sectors can reach their future workforce prospects and interest them in their fields. (KCK.CTE.1)
  • AchieveTexas
    AchieveTexas promotes the combination of rigorous academics with relevant career education to provide a context for learning and to increase students’ motivation to learn. Programs of study have been developed to represent a recommended sequence of coursework based on a student’s interest or career goal. (KCK.CTE.1)
  • Roadmap to Success: A Curriculum Mapping Primer
    Details the basics of curriculum mapping and has links to additional resources. (KCK.CTE.1)
  • National Science Digital Library Free resources available through NSDL include images, video, audio, animations, software, datasets, and text documents such as lesson plans, activities, journal articles, and more. In addition, NSDL provides search, browse, help, blogging, collaborative workspaces, collection creation and management services, news reports, and online community discussions. (KCK.CTE.1)