Protests from Berkeley to Kent State

The civil rights movement taught Americans that activism could result in social change. Both the Free Speech Movement and the Anti-Vietnam War movement of the 1960s built on the lessons of the civil rights movement. In this assignment, students will do historical research on 1) the Free Speech Movement and the student movement it engendered, and 2) the antiwar movement that gripped the United States during the Vietnam War.
Subjects: Social Studies, US History
Prior Knowledge: Students should have knowledge of the Vietnam War and other volatile issues from the 1960s and 1970s. Students should be able to use the Internet and locate reliable search engines, websites, and databases to research selected protest movements of the 1960s. Students should be able to work independently to do research and to write in a variety of formats.
Key Concepts and Terms: Abbie Hoffman, Acid Rock, Beatles, Berkeley Free Speech Movement, Bob Dylan, Cambodia, Chicago 8, Counterculture, Jerry Rubin, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Kent State University, Mario Savio, Military Industrial Complex, Pacifism, Port Huron Statement, Richard Nixon, SDS, Tet Offensive, The Great Society, Vietnam, Woodstock, Yippies
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