Mathematics: The Language of Science

This activity will show students the types of mathematics that show up very frequently in college science classes. They will be asked to solve for variables involving systems of equations as well as manipulate exponential and logarithmic expressions. The students will also be asked to show mastery of graphing/sketching skills involving equations that contain variables and constants but not numbers. Finally, students will be asked to show skill in converting non-linear mathematical equations into linear graphs.

Subjects: Mathematics, Algebra I, Algebra II, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Prior Knowledge: Students should be familiar with the concepts of high school algebra such as basic functions, systems of equations and graphing along with basic high school trigonometry including slopes of lines and rates of change.

Key Concepts and Terms: Logarithms and Exponents, Sketching vs. Graphing, Slope and intercepts, Systems of Equations

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