Japanese-American Internment Revisited

The Japanese-American internment during World War II has long been considered a controversial reaction to another country╩╝s attack on the United States. In this assignment, students will research Japanese-American internment during World War II and the Japanese American community╩╝s struggles to end the internment and to fight for their rights even after the war ended. Students will evaluate the historical actions of the federal government in terms of civil rights violations and of the actions of reparation decades later. Students will take a position on both actions of the federal government.

Subjects: Social Studies, US History

Prior Knowledge: Students should know how to appropriately cite sources of information. Students should know how to evaluate sources of information for bias and accuracy. Students should know how to construct an essay using appropriate writing conventions. Students should know how to construct research questions and conduct research. Students should be familiar with the history of Japanese Americans during and after World War II.

Key Concepts and Terms: Bill of Rights, Civil Rights, Discrimination, Executive Order 9066, Hirabayashi v. United States (1943), Internment Camp, Japanese-American Citizens League, Japanese-American Reparations Act of 1988, Korematsu v. United States (1944), Nisei, Pearl Harbor, Prejudice, Relocation, Reparations, World War II

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