Divide to Multiply

In this activity, students will explore the stages of mitosis and the primary events that occur in each stage. This activity also assesses students╩╝ understanding of mitosis by requiring students to model the process.
Subjects: Biology, Science
Prior Knowledge: Students are expected to be familiar with the use of a light microscope and a word processing program. Students need to be able to recognize the appearance of cell organelles and structures involved in the process of mitosis, including chromosomes. Students should be able to prepare labeled biological drawings.
Key Concepts and Terms: Anaphase, Centriole, Centromere, Centrosome, Chromatids, Chromosome, Cytokinesis, Kinetochore, Metaphase, Mitosis, Nuclear membrane, Prophase, Spindle fibers (and/or Microtubules, depending on the textbook), Telophase
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