For this step in the process, it is recommended that you gather a variety of data sets, including:

High School Data

Higher Education Data

Career Data

You will be prompted to discuss these indicators during Step 4, Engage in Leadership Discussion. Familiarity with these data sets will allow you to think about college and career readiness in your campus or district from both qualitative and quantitative perspectives.

Note that many high school indicators, such as state assessments and placement test scores, primarily measure Key Content Knowledge. These indicators only serve as proxy measures for the other three dimensions. It is important to think about how to interpret data and apply qualitative measures in a manner that also assesses students and schools in terms of the other three keys: Key Cognitive Strategies, Key Learning Skills and Techniques, and Key Transition Knowledge and Skills.

Individualized school site codes for full access to the College and Career Readiness Profile Planning Guide and interactive website tools may be obtained from your assigned Master Trainer or contact the Texas College and Career Readiness Support Center at txccrsc@esc13.txed.net for more information.