Planning Profile

  1. Build a College and Career Readiness Foundation (Four Keys to College and Career Readiness, 7 Principles, CCRS). The Profile Plan is grounded in research. The first step in the process is to familiarize the leadership team with the conceptual framework upon which this process was built so that all users move forward with a shared understanding of college and career readiness.
  2. Gather Data. Data is essential to college and career readiness planning. It allows schools and districts to self-diagnose and make informed, targeted decisions that support a college and career-ready culture. For this step in the process, the leadership team will be asked to gather student performance and career-related data. Data is for local use only.
  3. Review the Campus Data Gathering Prompts.The prompts represent a select list of college and career readiness questions designed for anyone who works directly with students. The aggregate responses will provide the leadership team insight into the perception of their faculty. All campus/district stakeholders are encouraged to respond to the prompts.
  4. Engage in Leadership Discussion.Once individual users respond to the Campus Data Gathering prompts, your campus or district leadership team will discuss the individual prompts and look for emerging themes and priorities.
  5. Prioritize Goals. The goals listed in this section will help to direct the leadership team in regards to how to put established priorities into practice by identifying specific areas of focus and providing examples of what evidence could be found in the school if those goals are met.
  6. Engage in Comprehensive Action Planning. During comprehensive action planning, the leadership team will decide how to take action on the goals established by discussing local data and examining responses to the Campus Data Gathering Prompts.